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Free Time + Mothers Digital Camera + RC AirPlane = VERY COOL

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I was on YouTube, and I found a bit of throwback video that a friend and my brothers and I made last summer. It’s quite a little feature! Check it out.

Well, have a lovely day. Hope you don’t feel too sick


Manga Review: Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Friday, May 30th, 2008

So, I started to read another new manga. I’m currently reading over 10 different series. This one is a comedy/action(Yakuza)/romance called Tokyo Crazy Paradise.

I picked this one up because I was in the mood for something that wasn’t all about youth trying desperately to understand their own emotions while constantly missing opportunities to confess their love. That’s not really the focus of Tokyo Crazy Paradise, but that sub plot is pretty much still present. I guess you just can’t escape it.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise (I’m tired of typing that so it’s TCP from here on out) is a manga that takes place in the year 2020 in a crime filled and indifferent future Tokyo (I doubt Tokyo will ever be as bad depicted in this manga). In order to protect their daughter -Tsukasa- from the constant sexual harassment women face in that day and age, a married couple (both cops) decide to raise her as another son along with their 3 other sons. Shortly before we enter the story, that married couple got caught up in a Yakuza dispute and were both killed, leaving the 14 year old Tsukasa and her 16, 14 (her twin), and 13 year old brothers alone in this world. I don’t remember the brothers names because they play very minor roles in this manga (so far).
After being kicked out of their home by their indifferent landlady (this is where we join the story) Tsukasa decides to try and get a free meal off Ryuji, a Yakuza “friend” (whom she has never actually spoken too). Bad idea of course, but she is kind of young and very hungry. Because of this (and the help of a few lies + her skills at fighting) Tsukasa is forced to work as Ryuji’s bodyguard.

Manga/Anime Review: Rosario + Vampire

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Our Hero Aono Tsukune by Chapter 20… not so human anymore, huh?

Rosario + Vampire is a simple Romance/Comedy/Harem anime/manga about Aono Tsukune (a human) mistakenly getting enrolled in an all monster boarding school. Lucky for him it’s a school rule that everyone has to maintain their human disguises at all times to practice living in the human world.
Before Tsukune realizes his mistake he meets a beautiful young girl Moka Akashiya who immediately wants to be friends with him because he “smells good” (like a human). She tells him pretty soon that she is a vampire, as she bites his neck for the first of MANY time throughout the series.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

It’s around 1:30 am and I’m working hard with Sean and Paul. To keep me motivated, I’ve found the best work song. It’s the song Werewolf Bar Mitzvah from the show 30 Rock and it has the perfect grooving beat and happy tune to keep a guy awake and interested in the middle of a tough work session.

There is one drawback though. It’s a little hard to focus while this song is playing. I keep finding myself writing the word “werewolf” whenever I’m at a wall and need to think.

Painted Panel Tri-Vecta? Tri-Vector? Whatever…

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

The past three weeks I’ve been painting the employees of ClickPopMedia. Next weeks edition will be Paul. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll offer to do some vector portraits of you, giving you the chance to be vectorized and spray painted onto a canvas! Send us a picture or something.

So here they are kids, the three most recent panels…check ‘em out.

Ok, well, I’m going to get some Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee with VQ. Grace and peace to ya’.



Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Well, It’s another road trip for me, VQ, and the rest of the band. We’re off to Ohio to play a couple of shows. Sadly, there are no ocean waves to be found in Ohio like in sunny Florida. So on this trip, along with our guitars, turntables, drums, and keyboard…we’ll be bringing our SKATEBOOOOOOOOOOARDS! Marcos, my little brother has just gotten a long board…Hazaaaah!

Maybe if your really good, study very hard and remember to wash behind your ears we’ll some amazing happenings from Ohio. PEACE OUT!

God bless you,


Cobamara Commander 08

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

A couple months ago, WillIAm of the Black Eyed Peas, along with other celebrities galore, released a really brilliant and moving Obama mashup music video. Odd’s are that I’m not voting Obama in November, but it was still a phenomenal piece of propaganda that I couldn’t help being moved by. And to be honest, I was absolutely sure that the GOP would never be able to do anything to compete.

But I was wrong. You see, once a generation there emerges a leader with the capabilities to really change the direction of not just one nation or region, but the entire world. Watch the video to see our generation’s Martin Luther King.

Come to think of it, I’m not positive he’s a republican. I just assumed because his platform is pretty consistent with John McCain’s. Rest assured, I will be voting for one of those two come November.

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The original “Yes We Can” video’s after the jump.

The Empire Strikes Barack

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Man I Love Campaign season! You get some of the Funniest political videos these days. Like this one:


I originally found this on my brothers blog


Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Hey all you dudes and dudettes out there in Internet-land…It’s my birthday today! I decided to search out who else shares such an illustrious date of birth and so I took my quest to the only place I could for the facts…WIKIPEEEEEEEEEDIA!

Here’s the list…


The Next President of These United States

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I’m not sure if he’s still running for president or not, but this maniac has my vote. Gravel ‘08!