Cobamara Commander 08

A couple months ago, WillIAm of the Black Eyed Peas, along with other celebrities galore, released a really brilliant and moving Obama mashup music video. Odd’s are that I’m not voting Obama in November, but it was still a phenomenal piece of propaganda that I couldn’t help being moved by. And to be honest, I was absolutely sure that the GOP would never be able to do anything to compete.

But I was wrong. You see, once a generation there emerges a leader with the capabilities to really change the direction of not just one nation or region, but the entire world. Watch the video to see our generation’s Martin Luther King.

Come to think of it, I’m not positive he’s a republican. I just assumed because his platform is pretty consistent with John McCain’s. Rest assured, I will be voting for one of those two come November.

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The original “Yes We Can” video’s after the jump.

4 Responses to “Cobamara Commander 08”

  1. JESHUA! Says:

    Yea… actually I was completely bored by the Pro-Obama video…. i wanted to knife myself it was so boring. I mean could you repeat that line again… oh wait I just heard it about 200 times… HOW ABOUT NO!O!!!O!O!O!O.

    Now at least I could understand what the Cobra Commander was saying…. And it was good.

  2. JESHUA! Says:

    mrjf17 (9:16:15 PM): i hope you were kidding when you said it was moving..
    mrjf17 (9:16:37 PM): cuz to me the only thing it was moving to was the bathroom so i could throw up from excessive repition

  3. VQ Says:

    I must admit, I sincerely liked the first one.

  4. Sean Says:

    I don’t care what either video said, I’m still going to write in GWB. 4 MORE YEARS!!!

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