Manga Review: Tokyo Crazy Paradise

So, I started to read another new manga. I’m currently reading over 10 different series. This one is a comedy/action(Yakuza)/romance called Tokyo Crazy Paradise.

I picked this one up because I was in the mood for something that wasn’t all about youth trying desperately to understand their own emotions while constantly missing opportunities to confess their love. That’s not really the focus of Tokyo Crazy Paradise, but that sub plot is pretty much still present. I guess you just can’t escape it.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise (I’m tired of typing that so it’s TCP from here on out) is a manga that takes place in the year 2020 in a crime filled and indifferent future Tokyo (I doubt Tokyo will ever be as bad depicted in this manga). In order to protect their daughter -Tsukasa- from the constant sexual harassment women face in that day and age, a married couple (both cops) decide to raise her as another son along with their 3 other sons. Shortly before we enter the story, that married couple got caught up in a Yakuza dispute and were both killed, leaving the 14 year old Tsukasa and her 16, 14 (her twin), and 13 year old brothers alone in this world. I don’t remember the brothers names because they play very minor roles in this manga (so far).
After being kicked out of their home by their indifferent landlady (this is where we join the story) Tsukasa decides to try and get a free meal off Ryuji, a Yakuza “friend” (whom she has never actually spoken too). Bad idea of course, but she is kind of young and very hungry. Because of this (and the help of a few lies + her skills at fighting) Tsukasa is forced to work as Ryuji’s bodyguard.

I’ve only read the first 3 out of the 19 volumes so far, but at this point I’m really enjoying the story. It’s got a good sense of humor and the plot continues to move along (as well as relationships). The characters aren’t invincible (although Tsukasa has an insane ability to stop 3 incoming bullets at once with a chain whip) and they don’t always win a fight. Well… they usually win the fight. If not the fight, then at least the war.

The art only bugs me a little because the artist is incapable of drawing anyone that LOOKS like they are in their teens. They try to cover for this by throwing in lots of comments about how people say someone doesn’t look their age. The guy above (Ryuji is the blond one on the left and Tsukasa has the blue hair on the right) is supposed to be 14 years old! That’s just ridiculous! At 14 he hasn’t grown to his full hight yet. How big is this kid going to get? 8 feet tall? He drawn to look the same height and basic size of all of the adults so who knows what the artists are thinking.

Anyways, this one is turning into one of my favorites just because it’s humor, action, and romance are mild and take a back seat (yet are still very present) while the story is entertaining and, at times, gripping.

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