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More Ancient Japanese Wisdom

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

A while ago I posted about a neat book called Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan. I recently came across a post on LifeHacker on five secret Japanese tips to make life better. My favorite, and in my mind the most helpful, is how to make a baby stop crying.

1. How to make a baby stop crying
Dilemma: Sure, the baby’s cute. But why won’t he stop crying?
Solution: The secret to stop a crying baby lies in making the sound you produce during the mouthfeel stage of wine tasting.
Why this works: When babies are still in the womb, the noises they can hear are limited to those in the 6000-8000mHz range. The sound you make when you slosh the liquid behind your lips during wine tasting takes place at about 7000mHz, reminding the baby of a time when the world around was peaceful and the whirs and stirs inside Mommy’s tummy soothed him back to a sleepy state.

Thank You Lifehacker

Free Time + Mothers Digital Camera + RC AirPlane = VERY COOL

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I was on YouTube, and I found a bit of throwback video that a friend and my brothers and I made last summer. It’s quite a little feature! Check it out.

Well, have a lovely day. Hope you don’t feel too sick


Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

It’s around 1:30 am and I’m working hard with Sean and Paul. To keep me motivated, I’ve found the best work song. It’s the song Werewolf Bar Mitzvah from the show 30 Rock and it has the perfect grooving beat and happy tune to keep a guy awake and interested in the middle of a tough work session.

There is one drawback though. It’s a little hard to focus while this song is playing. I keep finding myself writing the word “werewolf” whenever I’m at a wall and need to think.


Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Well, It’s another road trip for me, VQ, and the rest of the band. We’re off to Ohio to play a couple of shows. Sadly, there are no ocean waves to be found in Ohio like in sunny Florida. So on this trip, along with our guitars, turntables, drums, and keyboard…we’ll be bringing our SKATEBOOOOOOOOOOARDS! Marcos, my little brother has just gotten a long board…Hazaaaah!

Maybe if your really good, study very hard and remember to wash behind your ears we’ll some amazing happenings from Ohio. PEACE OUT!

God bless you,



Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Hey all you dudes and dudettes out there in Internet-land…It’s my birthday today! I decided to search out who else shares such an illustrious date of birth and so I took my quest to the only place I could for the facts…WIKIPEEEEEEEEEDIA!

Here’s the list…



Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I’m leaving for Florida today!!! The drive down is always more enjoyable than the drive back, memories of Waffle House and Daft Punk blasting in the car are coming to mind…(My brother insists that we play Daft Punk whenever we see the Welcome to Florida sign, not too sure why though.

We have some shows to play with the band and some surfing to do! The weekend surf report isn’t looking too good though, so I’m bringing my skateboard along.

Well, we’ll chat when I get back…while I’m away, you should probably vote for VQ or George Washington to win ;)

God bless you, PEACE!

Seth Franco!!!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I was just searching for friends on YouTube and found a family friend. He’s the second white Harlem Globetrotter in history.

Actually, a couple years ago Seth and my brothers and I were playing some pick up basketball @ Flushing Park in Queens NY (this was about a year before he was a Globetrotter). I watched Seth whoop up on 5 guys single handedly!!! It was awesome, to say the least. You can check out his website here. Keep up the good work Seth!!!

Ken Tanaka on YouTube

Monday, April 28th, 2008

There is a guy on YouTube with the profile name helpmefindparents. This guy is very funny! If you have an interest in Japan or are studying Japanese, you will find him even funnier.

I’m not sure if he’s for real or not. It’s really hard to tell for me. My Mom has already voted that it’s fake, but still funny.

Supposedly his story is that he was adopted into a Japanese family in Japan when he was just a little baby. He’s now 33 or so and he has decided to try and find his real parents in LA.
A lot of his videos are about his search, but some are just silliness, like How to speak fluent Japanese without saying a word.

Check it out, he’s a funny guy even if he’s just acting.

Egg Peeling, Plant Diapers, and More Ancient Japanese Wisdom

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Paul plans on spending some time in Japan soon, and as a good friend I try and look out for anything that could be helpful for his trip. I’m pretty sure I can stop looking, because I’ve found probably the only resource he’ll need: Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan.

Urawaza is a term for little life-hacks and productivity tricks which have been featured in print and tv in Japan for some time. For the first time ever you can glimpse ancient hiccup cures and plant care secrets. Apparently the book includes 100 clever tricks, each with distinctly Japanese flair.

I have to get a copy of this quick. Because as of now, if I were chased by zombies, had to sing karaoke like a pro, or some other such nonsense, I would be stuck.

Thanks a ton to Lisa Katayama from io9